EnviroMax Chemicals

Enviromax Bifenthrin 250EC Insecticide & Miticide

EnviroMax® Bifenthrin 250EC Insecticide & Miticide, is a superior, quality assured bifenthrin formulation, for control of insect and mite pests of apricots, bananas, barley, canola, citrus, clover, cotton, faba beans, field peas, grapes, lucerne, lucerne seed crops, lupins, navy beans, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, subterranean clover, sugar cane, tomatoes and wheat. 

This formulation can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals, or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests.
EnviroMax® Bifenthrin 250EC Insecticide & Miticide can be applied by either ground rig or aircraft, and is compatible with commonly used fungicides.  This formulation contains a surfactant.
APVMA Approval Number: 65395/50827.

Download the MSDS

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